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Gino Cerruti 2014 LeNovia collection

Welcome to Rosea Bridal!

''Finding 'the dress' is something that many of us think about for years and years and when it comes to the proposal, the planning and then the dress shopping it can bring anxiety due to costing, maybe a bit of concern about being nearly naked in front of a complete stranger? But the thing to always remember is how special it is and how FUN it can be.
My vision for Rosea Bridal is to be able to offer to other girls and women like myself the opportunity to browse the dresses with a lengthy appointment time, complete privacy, a cuppa, a bit of discount and wedding chit chat, because that is all I wanted when it was my turn! So that is what we do here.

The reason why our dresses are less expensive is purely down to the fact that I have a dedicated salon across a whole floor of my home and I work up here in the company of my 36 dresses, (who all have names!).

Finally, we are just here as a support tool and the advice I will always give is;
The dress is important and sometimes we cannot afford the dress that we want and maybe even sacrifice other parts of the wedding (like the cake, how many people to invite etc) to ensure that we get it, but always remember that the memories are the most important thing, who dances and laughs with you on that day and if in doubt, invite them as you can't re-do it and that is where I come in! Hopefully we can find 'the one' and keep it in budget so you can concentrate on spending that money on the sentimental things for your day, like having those few extra people there to celebrate and share it with you.''
Love Lucy x
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Located in Haxey, Doncaster.
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